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Volatus Aerospace is a vertically integrated group of companies dedicated to driving the full potential of unmanned technologies throughout the Americas and around the world. Lead by a diverse team of experts backed by a comprehensive service offering, and the latest technologies, Volatus strives to be the leader in each of the industries we serve.

Through the power of unmanned technologies, we are Seeing things differently.


With operations and data acquisition specialists across the country, Volatus is uniquely positioned to support both regional and national projects offering geographic dominance in Canada and actively driving into the United States and South America.

But that’s not all. Our network of data acquisition specialists, approaching 100 in number, are Volatus trained to ensure consistent service delivery.

Strong, Experienced Management

Experienced leadership with a proven track record in the aviation and aerospace sectors act as a magnet to attract top industry participants to the Volatus platform. Complementary entities adding scope and scale drive added value, profitability, and competitive dominance throughout the group.

Data Driven

Our service is information. Whether the demand is crop management, infrastructure inspection, survey mapping, or surveillance, our business is built on data. By employing the latest technologies for data acquisition, processing, and management, our team delivers fast, accurate, and actionable intelligence where and when you need it.