The drone industry is evolving rapidly, especially when it comes to drone services and professional drone piloting. The global drone industry is currently a US$ 15 billion economy and has the potential to more than double in the next five years.1 Currently, our industry is packed with small operators offering little to no differentiation. This is an issue as most emerging technologies have discovered that a lack of differentiation is unsustainable, we will see prices falling, margins compressing, and a consolidation especially as drones are adopted into the global airways.

For the drone industry to grow, pilots need to be able to step relatively quickly into a wide range of highly technical industries, deliver high-quality results, and be prepared to support, manage, and grow that industry’s drone program. Likewise, businesses need to be able to know that they are hiring that calibre of professionals. Volatus provides the skills, knowledge, operational regulations, and compliance training that organizations need to confidently build drone programs.

One of the most important steps for pilots and organizations is to future-proof your knowledge and skills. Be prepared, through training, for the challenges ahead, to predict and navigate roadblocks to your success in the fast-developing drone industry.

1Levitate Capital, Goldman Sachs, & Market Statistics


Our expertise is unparalleled in North America.

Volatus has BVLOS SFOC for six locations across Canada and two appointed SMEs for Transport Canada in the development of the BVLOS regulatory framework.



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Regulatory Support, Integrate BVLOS Best Practices

Our aviation policy experts will provide support, training, and assistance in integrating BVLOS best practices.

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Fast Track your SORA/SFOC Processes

Efficient regulatory approval processes taught by our aviation experts, with a proven track record in SFOCs & BVLOS

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Flight Competency

Expert-led BVLOS pilot training, with a focus on flight competencies and safety mitigation strategies

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Safety Systems, Redundancies & Risk Mitigation

Our BVLOS operations experts will take you through the latest technology, safety redundancies, and risk mitigation strategies.



Richard serves as our Director of UAV Flight Operations. He has thirty years of experience in professional aviation management. Richard has been involved with the drone industry for seven years, working in regulatory, compliance, and certification roles.

His experience includes teaching and consulting roles with first responder clients, including the Ontario Fire College, focused on the regulatory challenges of drones for fire departments. Richard has provided drone pilot training to the OPP and York Regional Police as well as municipal fire departments.

Lee Dodson and Richard Podolski in the field

Richard Podolski on the right


Lee is our VP of the Atlantic Region and BVLOS Centre of Excellence. He has a background in radio communications design engineering, specializing in Radar/Microwave technology and ROV/AUV/UAV telemetry and systems design.

With over 2,000 hours logged as an RPAS pilot and 20 years of experience as an offshore Superintendent and Safety Officer, Lee became Director of Training and Development for an international school for offshore technical and safety training of ROV/UAV crews and first responders. Lee managed installations throughout Africa and the Middle East. He has developed strategic learning curriculums for offshore safety, technical support, bathymetric surveying, team management, and ROV/RPAS piloting skills. Lee has piloted drones in some of the most austere conditions imaginable.

Lee with Matrice 300




BVLOS operational requirements from scratch. It covers future proposed regulations and provides an overview of the technical challenges you will face, including how to maximize radio control links and minimize lost link situations when operating at the limits of the range. The first day is an introduction to what Volatus expects to see when the Transport Canada BVLOS certification is released. Some of the elements covered include:

  • Transport Canada Roadmap for BVLOS Operations
  • Essential Knowledge & Requirements
  • BVLOS Equipment and Systems
  • Operational Limitations



Richard Podolski leads, sharing his immense experience in BVLOS Operations and SFOC applications. Jovanny Sanchez joins Richard in providing expert advice on the safety and risk mitigation strategies you will need for a successful SORA. Some of the areas covered in this Workshop include:

  • Maintenance Manuals
  • SORA and SFOC Processes
  • Logbooks & Standard Operating Procedures
  • Step-By-Step SORA Success Strategy
  • Meteorology & Comms
  • Flight Planning



The in-field training will take place in one of the six locations where we hold a Transport Canada BVLOS SFOC. Subjects covered will include:

  • Crew Briefing
  • VLOS, BVLOS Operational Differences
  • Field Applications of SORA
  • BVLOS In-Flight Monitoring
  • Debrief


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Excellent baseline to understand the forthcoming BVLOS regulations in Canada.


Dr. Margaret Kalacska
Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director, Department of Geography
McGill University

I enjoyed the course very much.

I found Lee and Dan to be very knowledgeable and able to deliver the info clearly and concisely.

They kept the course on point; Lee started giving examples and opening brackets to stories and stopped himself so many times it was fun to watch. And Dan delivered the info in a way that was intense but clear and logical. Therefore, they both could transfer the knowledge without making it drag for eight hours per day.

They made excellent use of their props and slides, which facilitated understanding.

Finally, Lee and Dan are experts in their field, and it showed; they answered all and every question right there and then. None of that ‘I don’t know, but I will find out….’

So please thank them and everyone involved in this course. I thought it was a great success.


Patrick Fore
Sauvetage Bénévole Outaouais