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Drone technology is on the rise. It’s being deployed to support the farmers who feed us, the public safety organizations that protect us, and the operations of the utility, construction, and transportation companies that support our modern lives.

Volatus has partnered with leading manufacturers to offer Enterprise UAV equipment and accessories to suit the needs of any industry including portable, quick-to-launch models with thermal capabilities, rugged, adaptable inspection platforms, and mapping and agriculture solutions offering data gathering precision to the nearest centimeter.

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FIXAR uses in-house research and development data to manufacture the most technologically advanced UAV on the market. Unique professional drones are paired with proprietary software operating systems and controls to deliver all-in-one UAV solutions.

The solutions meet the strictest standards and advancements in the field of autonomous aerial systems. The manufactured drones operate flawlessly in almost any kind of environment, including regions with magnetic anomalies, confined and hazardous spaces, inaccessible indoor and outdoor areas.

Bridge Flying


DJI Enterprise is dedicated to developing world-class drone solutions for agriculture, energy, public safety, survey, mapping, and more. Their quadcopter products are leaders in their respective industries, ranging from the small Mavic that can be quickly deployed for fast interventions, to the larger Matrice for heavy-duty data acquisition.

Matched to their highly capable UAVs is DJI’s internal and third-party line of payload, ranging from thermal imagery to gas detection and specialized cameras for surveying, mapping, cinematographers, and more.

HIVE with Matrice 300 Landing


Cost-effective and efficient HIVE is a fully automated drone station capable of 24/7 continuous and autonomous operations. It incorporates advanced robotics which auto-swap batteries, minimizing downtime. The HIVE droneport provides area coverage of 100km².

The initial model of the HIVE roll-out supports the operation of the DJI Matrice 300. It has already been deployed successfully for smart city applications, construction inspections and autonomous time-lapse data capture, infrastructure and mining, surveillance and security of facilities and operations in remote locations.