Developing the Next Generation of RPAS


Regulatory evolution and industry maturation create the need for unmanned aircraft capable of carrying greater payloads and staying aloft longer. Volatus is meeting that challenge. Through our subsidiary, Volatus Flight Systems, we offer the E100 Enterprise and M100 Voyageur.

These Canadian designed, Canadian Manufactured, unmanned aircraft represent some of the most capable fixed-wing aircraft in the industry. Staying aloft for up to 24 hours with payloads up to 9.1kg (20 pounds), allow the completion of large-scale missions with optimal efficiency.


The future will undoubtedly create a demand for larger, more capable Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Volatus is committed to meeting that demand.

Driven by aeronautical engineers with a passion for unmanned aircraft systems, we continue to develop new aircraft by combining leading-edge technologies with a knowledge base developed over more than a decade of research and development.

Fixed-Wing RPAS

We develop the most advanced, customizable fixed-wing RPAS with an endurance of 24+ hours,

Custom Applications Mod

We develop RPAS modifications to allow you to conduct the operations you need.

Drone Solutions

Our design engineering team can develop custom solutions for your needs, from specialized accessories to support your fleet to full aircraft fitted to your needs.