Bringing Specialized Training to Aspiring and Experienced Pilots


Yes, we provide training for both Transport Canada and FAA drone pilot certifications but that’s just the beginning. An unmanned aircraft system is simply a tool for the delivery of a broad range of services in countless industries and learning to operate these tools safely, efficiently, and within the limits of the regulatory environment is basic.

Achieving commercial success on a large scale requires application-specific training measured against relevant standards to ensure consistent and reliable service delivery.


Our professional development courses include technical and operations training for equipment, standard operating procedures, industry-specific technology and applications, geographic information systems (GIS), data management and processing, and specific training for operations Beyond Visual Light of Sight.

Ground Schools

The ground school programs allow students to quickly learn the necessary knowledge required to successfully obtain their license in various countries.

Industry Training

We have developed specialized courses to help pilots and industry specialists develop the skills they need.

Hands-on Training

Through outdoor and indoor training sessions, we are able to deliver quality flight training across the world.