Bringing Specialized Training to Aspiring and Experienced Pilots


Growing within the drone industry is critical for any pilot or operator and at Volatus, we are focused on giving you the tools to develop all the necessary skills to succeed. Our team of instructors are industry leaders with countless hours of flight in advanced and technical missions, and they are available to you through our courses.

Ground Schools

Our ground school programs allow students to quickly learn the necessary knowledge required to successfully obtain their license in various countries.

Industry Training

We have developed specialized courses to help pilots and industry specialists develop the skills they need.

Hands-on Training

Through outdoor and indoor training sessions, we are able to deliver quality flight training across the world.


Pilot training is the first step towards building a successful career in the drone industry. We offer all the required training for you to successfully obtain the licenses and certificates you need to fly in compliance with local regulations.


Volatus is a member of the Transport Canada BVLOS knowledge working group and works closely in a subject matter expert and advisory role in supporting the development of BVLOS Ground School standards to safely integrate BVLOS drone operations into Canadian airspace. Transport Canada has established various standing committees from industry to assist in developing the regulations for BVLOS training of pilots. Volatus proudly sits on two.

To this end, Volatus has created a preparatory BVLOS Pilot Training course to follow and build upon our Transport Canada approved training products for Basic & Advanced RPAS pilot training in Canada and training for the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate in accordance with FAA’s Small UAS Rule (Part 107).

Power Lines
Confederation Bridge Inspection


Canadian Businesses Need Professional RPAS Operators. In cooperation with the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning, the Volatus RPAS Training Academy is launching its technical diploma for professional RPAS operations. Students will become proficient in RPAS regulations, fundamentals, photography & videography, inspections, surveying and mapping. We will focus on building the technical skills needed for a successful career in this fast-growing industry. It will also prepare students for Beyond-Visual-Line-Of-Sight (BVLOS) operations, should they wish to join the next generation of RPAS.

The course will initially launch in September 2021 with four one week advanced skills modules, at the Volatus RPAS Training Academy in Slemon Park, Prince Edward Island. The spacious hangar facility allows students to fly regardless of weather conditions. Volatus is the largest distributor of UAV technology in Canada, with a wealth of hardware assets, allowing students to get hands-on experience with the latest technology.

Our student to instructor ratio is 4:1, guaranteeing that each student receives focused and personal instruction as they build their skills. Volatus uses NIST to teach and evaluate practical skills. Each qualifying student will receive a Technical Diploma and a Certificate of Completion, in addition to their Transport Canada ADVANCED RPAS Pilot Certificate.

The availability of government funding, subject to eligibility, will help re-train the workforce and support economic growth in PEI. Volatus is working to support RPAS accredited training across all regions of North America.

Volatus works with Transport Canada and the FAA to future-proof RPAS regulations. As a result of their work with regulators, they are competent providers of North American RPAS Operations training standards of excellence in skills and expertise. Students are continually assessed throughout Volatus training programs and provided with feedback, along with a series of short multi-choice exams to test their regulatory and operational knowledge.